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My Friends over at http://www.hahondaandacura.com have some awesome rides.. alot of time,money and dedication goes into these cars..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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.How is drifting judged?

How is drifting judged? 

Because professional drifting events are judged on execution and style, it is mandatory that the judges are intimately familiar with the capabilities of the cars and the advanced driving techniques employed by the competitors. 99Drift Grand Prix judges are highly qualified, usually former professional drifters, and are considered experts in their field.

Speed, angle of attack and vehicle control are the factors 99Drift judges evaluate. All drivers get solo runs before the Best 16 head-up eliminations start. All participants who make it to the Best 16 run door handle to door handle, with one other car on the circuit at the same time. As fun as the solo runs are, this is where the real excitement starts and brings the crowds to their feet.

Factors like slowing to the point of hindering the other driver, running into another driver's car or spinning out means an automatic loss of the run. Putting pressure on an opponent through a more aggressive drift angle, carrying a higher speed through a corner, and showing good strategy are extremely important tactics used to win an elimination round. Each judge knows what each competitor's car is capable of. The judges will know how much of the car's potential the driver is using, and if the driver is not pushing the car to the limit, they will be eliminated from the round

99Drift Rules and Regulations
Safety Modifications and Guidelines:
QUESTIONS email use!

- Roll cages must be welded or securely bolted and anchored. If roll cage is bolted then its must be securely reinforced with an anchor plate and backing plate sandwich on each side of the floor pan. (not needed but highly recommended)
- Roll cage may be placed in front or through the dashboard.(4 point or 6 point and so on can be used with D1GP tubing size recommended in used in car)

- Drivers seat must be equipped with a four-point or better racing type safety harness of nylon web, at least 3 inches in diameter, with a metal buckle. Shoulder harness must be an H type not Y type harness. Safety Harness must be securely bolted to the frame. FACTORY 3 point are ok with oem if OEM placment used)
Drivers must be fitted with Snell Foundation (SA) approved safety helmets with 1995 Snell Foundation (95SA) or later safety sticker of approval displayed inside; head and neck restraints systems are optional and must also be Snell Foundation (SA) approved. Face shields are strongly recommended but not needed.

Drivers MUST wear driving suits made of approved fire resistance material (Nomex, Kynol, etc.) in single or double layers.

Racing shoes are strongly recommended.

Catch tanks must be securely fastened. Radiator catch tank/Oil catch tanks may also be installed on engine oil breathers where practical. NO FLUID LEAKS OF ANY KIND WILL BE TOLERATED. any fluid can be used for radiator.

- Fuel cells are strongly recommended.


Fuel filler caps must be securely fastened so as not to open on impact.

All hoods and deck lids must be adequately and securely fastened.

All drain plugs must be securely fastened.

Batteries must be securely fastened down, positive terminals well insulated and if located in the cockpit must be covered or have leak proof caps.

- Brake systems including brakes, lines, fluid and pedals must be in good shape and working condition.
Authorized Modifications:
- Each car must maintain the OEM unibody.

- Any tires that are within public accessibility may be used.
The front passenger seat, rear seats air-conditioning, radio, wiper blades and original seatbelts also may be removed and/or replaced.

Aftermarket body panels, bumper covers and wings are permitted

Seam welding the unibody is permitted.

Suspension upgrades are open.

Factory wheels may be replaced with aftermarket wheels.

Any grade of automotive gasoline may be used for fuel.

Engines are open for modification.

Other than what is listed above cars are open for modification.

Where to Drift in Northern Cali You ask?

Where to Drift in Northern Cali You ask?

well you have thunder hill..
Thunder Drift does have instructional program also that included class instruction and seat time.


the most popular place to slide in the bay area is sonoma drift. most wednesdays of the month, sometimes every wednesday of the month. we run a chill atmosphere, and you get 6 hours of slide time. basic tech inspection, alot of fun, and pretty big crowds.




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So you want to learn how to drift? Well You have come to the right spot!
Here at Drift Panic we will show you the basic's, Car tuning, turbo set ups, and Popular drift cars(some know and some not! and So much more!